Skills Builder

Please click the link below to be taken to an external website that gives an overview of Year 5’s visit to Network Rail in Coventry.

At Brownmead, we are committed to give our pupils the necessary skills required to compete with their peers, when it comes to moving on to Secondary School or even further into their education or career.

Working in partnership with Enabling enterprise, we have developed a curriculum model that supports the develop of the 8 identified skill sets that are key to future development.

We have ensured that these skills become embedded into everyday teaching by allowing teachers to reference these skills when relevant in their teaching, across the curriculum.

We will also have a dedicated Skills Builder Day at the end of each half-term, where children will be taught specific skills (identified by a skills audit), so that these may be developed and built upon across the academic year.

In Summer 2, we will have an enterprise week that will allow all children to demonstrate the learnt skills in a creative way.