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Curriculum Overview

Here at Brownmead our Brownmead Values provide the main ethos and key drivers for our curriculum development. Our curriculum is developed with the aim of supporting all children to become more independent and inquisitive learners as well as to motivate our children (and their families) to develop a real thirst for being lifelong learners.

Our school Brownmead Values are embedded throughout our curriculum and key topics are planned to support children in their acquisition and development of skills, knowledge and vocabulary. Our curriculum supports us in making learning meaningful to everyone.

Wider curriculum teaching topics have been carefully planned using the Cornerstones 22 curriculum using the engage, develop, innovate and express model. Learning is planned to allow for meaningful cross-curricular links and clear progression of both skills and knowledge. During lessons, children are challenged to produce work in a creative way, giving them freedom to choose how to present their work without diminishing the level of skills and knowledge being learnt. This way of teaching the curriculum is more vibrant and engaging. Our children are proud of the work they are producing and they are happy to be challenged to present their work in a different way.

Our children are benefiting from wider opportunities to express themselves through their work and are receiving a variety of experiences and development, through school trips, visitors, outdoor ed opportunities and ‘WOW’ experiences, which are then utilised to enhance their learning further. 

Please contact Mr G Newman our Assistant Head Teacher and Lead for Teaching & Learning for further information on our curriculum on 0121 675 3102 or via