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Curriculum Overview

The Brownmead Curriculum covers a range of cross curricular topics across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Some topics have an obvious Historical or Geographical flavour, others have more of a cross curricular flavour and can’t necessarily be categorised as either.

Topic overview

Knowledge Organisers

All topics will start with a Knowledge Organiser. The knowledge organiser is the beating heart of each unit. The core content is meticulously curated and itemised to clarify the necessary (but not sufficient) knowledge necessary to develop a sophisticated schema for each unit of work. Over the course of the years, these knowledge organisers ensure that all pupils become ‘culturally literate’ (Hirsch, 1987) and have the opportunity to engage in ‘powerful knowledge’ (Young, 2013) A knowledge organiser acts as a planning, teaching and assessment tool. It provides complete clarity to leaders, teachers, pupils and parents about what is expected to be learnt and remembered by the end of the lesson, the unit, and in the long term. Click the classes tab on the home page to access the latest knowledge organiser.


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Topic Books:

All topic work will be recorded in topic books. The only exception to this will be Art and DT, where all work related to Art and DT will be recorded in the black Art books. These will follow the children throughout Brownmead, and will not be sent home at the end of the academic year. As well as recording formal Art and DT lessons, these books will also be used as sketch books to record observations and revisit/review ideas. Where topics include Science, Music, PSHE/RE, English, PE, Maths lessons as part of the planning, these will also be recorded in the Topic books.