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Ofsted Information

Highlights from the January 2020 Ofsted School Inspection include:

Pupils enjoy coming to the school. They say that that teachers make learning fun. Pupils feel safe and well looked after.

Teachers have high expectations of pupils. ‘The Brownmead Bucket List’ provides a range of exciting curriculum activities that support pupils’ learning and character development, for example visiting the countryside and working with older neighbours.

One parent captured the views of many by saying: ‘This is a nurturing and caring school. My child enjoys the fun things the school offers.’

Twice every term, pupils work on projects of their choice. This develops team work and independent learning. Pupils are confident to share their views on the injustice of poverty. They have positive attitudes and keep on going until they get it right.

The full report can be found here:

School Inspection: GoodOfsted Website


@_Brownmead - 23 Nov
Conkers have had a great afternoon for their outdoor learning, making bug hotels 🐜
@_Brownmead - 17 Nov
A huge thank you for your donations towards the amazing charity we had a fabulous day wearing our pyjamas taking part in fun activities 🐻
@_Brownmead - 17 Nov
Year 6 had an amazing time at today! 🧬
@_Brownmead - 16 Nov
Huge thank you to all the parents in Y1 that turned up for our times tables work shop on Tuesday. The children enjoyed taking part in some meaningful activities with you all.
@_Brownmead - 12 Nov
Your boys represented Erdington and Saltley u11s yesterday and did you proud!
@_Brownmead - 10 Nov
A huge thank you to all our EYFS parents who joined us for their very first phonics workshop. It was great to see so many faces 📚
@_Brownmead - 7 Nov
What an absolutely fabulous writing lesson year 6 have had today. The children absolutely loved looking into their new book and can’t wait to get stuck in
@_Brownmead - 7 Nov
Of course that is absolutely fine
@_Brownmead - 7 Nov
Year 6 are ready to start their next unit.
@_Brownmead - 6 Nov
Staff training after school today- how to use the new VR headsets and how to utilise this new technology in lessons to offer new experiences to our pupils! Here, the staff are taking a virtual tour around the Titanic! All staff are excited to get these up and running!
@_Brownmead - 6 Nov
Year 2 also throughly enjoyed their workshop with great thanks to lots of amazing 3D work produced, amazing work!
@_Brownmead - 6 Nov
Year 6 took part in an exciting science workshop this afternoon attempting to make a 3D building inspired by nature 🌺
@_Brownmead - 6 Nov
Year 6 took part in an exciting science workshop this afternoon attempting to make a 3D building inspired by nature 🌺
@_Brownmead - 6 Nov
Reception were super excited today to start their new writing unit based on the book ‘Star in the Jar.’ ⭐️
@_Brownmead - 25 Oct
A huge thank you to our Year 1 parents who were able to join us for our phonics workshop 📚
@_Brownmead - 25 Oct
Reception are thoroughly enjoying their story writing using
@_Brownmead - 22 Oct
Well done Jack! Great to see you representing us.
@_Brownmead - 20 Oct
Today we dressed in red to stand up to racism! ‘Show Racism the Red Card’
@_Brownmead - 19 Oct
To celebrate of the opening of our outdoor garden, we invited parents to come and roast marshmallows. Reception had a fantastic time. Thank you once again 🔥 🏕️
@_Brownmead - 18 Oct
Year 1 had an amazing time at Legoland!