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Ofsted Information

Highlights from the January 2020 Ofsted School Inspection include:

Pupils enjoy coming to the school. They say that that teachers make learning fun. Pupils feel safe and well looked after.

Teachers have high expectations of pupils. ‘The Brownmead Bucket List’ provides a range of exciting curriculum activities that support pupils’ learning and character development, for example visiting the countryside and working with older neighbours.

One parent captured the views of many by saying: ‘This is a nurturing and caring school. My child enjoys the fun things the school offers.’

Twice every term, pupils work on projects of their choice. This develops team work and independent learning. Pupils are confident to share their views on the injustice of poverty. They have positive attitudes and keep on going until they get it right.

The full report can be found here:

School Inspection: GoodOfsted Website


@_Brownmead - 26 May
That’s a wrap! An end to another busy and fun filled half term. Attached is some of our highlights from the last half term and some key dates for summer 2.
@_Brownmead - 26 May
Thank you to everyone who came and supported the Coronation Fete! We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! Happy half term holidays, see you all at the normal time on Monday 5th June.
@_Brownmead - 26 May
Thank you and for allowing us to use your equipment for our Summer Fete 🇬🇧
@_Brownmead - 26 May
Coronation celebrations to start our summer fete! 🇬🇧
@_Brownmead - 25 May
The Arts Ambassadors Badges have arrived and we’re thrilled with what they look like - the children can’t wait to wear them and demonstrate how passionate they are about the Arts!
@_Brownmead - 23 May
Brownmead Y5/6 football team tonight in action for their final matches of the league! Amazing team work boys!
@_Brownmead - 23 May
Come and join us Friday for our Summer Fete 🥳
@_Brownmead - 22 May
Definitely Darcy!
@_Brownmead - 18 May
Ash Year 4 were busy making marks outside during the outdoor learning day using a variety of resources.#article31
@_Brownmead - 18 May
Year 4 Ash had great fun toasting marshmallows and chanting songs around the campfire during the outdoor learning day…#article31
@_Brownmead - 18 May
Year 4 Ash have thoroughly enjoyed the Outdoor Learning day bug hunting..we weren’t a fan of the red ants but we were able to watch how all the creatures navigated themselves…#article31
@_Brownmead - 18 May
Year 4 Ash have thoroughly enjoyed having some time in the outdoor classroom - we love it and can’t wait to use it as often as possible!
@_Brownmead - 18 May
Brownmead have thoroughly enjoyed their Outdoor Learning Day, especially with the addition of our new classroom. Thank you so much
@_Brownmead - 18 May
📚We're celebrating by gifting an worth over £10,000 through our !🎉 A huge congratulations to in Birmingham – enjoy your new learning space! 🎉 Benefits of Outdoor Classrooms 👉
@_Brownmead - 18 May
Brownmead’s Outdoor Learning Day is about to kick off. Fire lighting, outdoor art, nature poetry, litter picking, wildlife hunt, nature tally are all activities the kids have to look forward to. Let’s get these marshmallows on the go 😀#outdoorlearningday
@_Brownmead - 17 May
Year 4 Ash have been researching and discussing over hot chocolate and biscuits the reasons why it is important to invite an author into school…can YOU think of any?
@_Brownmead - 13 May
Thank you so much All ready for our Outdoor Learning Day!
@_Brownmead - 12 May
Great fine motor session this afternoon looking at grip strength, bilateral and hand eye coordination, along with visual discrimination skills thrown in the mix !
@_Brownmead - 12 May
New therapy tools used this afternoon . These fun suction toys are great for sensory play, fine motor and incorporating into gross motor play !
@_Brownmead - 11 May
Fresh start today with lots of eager children ready to absolutely smash the maths paper today. We’ve got this year 6!