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Trust Advocacy

Washwood Heath Academy is a member of the Washwood Heath Multi Academy Trust.

The MAT governance structure consists of Members and Trustees. The Board of Trustees are responsible for:

  • Agreeing the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the Trust.
  • Holding Trust and academy leaders to account.
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the Trust.

Washwood Heath Multi Academy Trust Trustees are:

Mr Graham Parker – Board Chair

Mr David Hawker – Vice Board Chair

Mr Clive Bailey – Safeguarding Trustee

Ms Joan Low

Mr Hetal Parmer

Mr Peter Freeth

Mr James Keen

Mrs Frieza Mahmood

Ms Sam Smith


The Board has four Board committees:

Audit Risk and Compliance Committee

  • appoint external and internal auditors
  • review the risks to the Trust
  • securing value for money

Education Standards Committee

  • monitor the progress of all young people
  • monitor the quality of teaching and learning
  • monitor safeguarding and attendance processes

Finance & Wellbeing Committee

  • monitor the Trust budget
  • monitor the academy sites in relation to maintenance and repairs
  • ensure academies have the appropriate IT provision
  • monitor staff recruitment, retention and wellbeing

Pay & Progression Committee

  • monitor the performance of staff

Trust Advocates

The Board have implemented a new model for local academy oversight. These are to be known as advocates (previously known as governors) They will:

  • support the implementation of the Trust’s Strategy
  • provide insight into the experience of young people, their parents/carers, staff and the community
  • provide stakeholder feedback to the Board

Trust Advocates for Brownmead Academy are:

Chair – Sue O’Connor

Community – Vacancy

Parent/carer – Vacancy

Staff – Dawn Murtagh

Young People – Christine Gardner

For more information in relation to Washwood Heath Multi Academy Trust Governance please click here

If you wish to contact the Trust advocate chair, you can email them on:

Or write to the Trust advocate chair c/o Brownmead Academy, Pencroft Road, Birmingham B34 6SS

If you are interested in supporting the academy as an Advocate please complete an Expression of Interest form, which will be received by the Company Secretary who will pass information to the Head of Academy for consideration.

Expression of Interest Form


@_Brownmead - 22 Mar
What a Workshop - linking to our topic “Misty Mountains and Winding Rivers” we are exploring designs inspired by nature through the work of William Morris and wow their design work has started off amazing - including the parents!
@_Brownmead - 22 Mar
Ash Year 4 are exploring the Water Cycle and thoroughly enjoyed piecing together how they think it works - great Oracy skills Ash while applying the vocabulary they’ve been taught
@_Brownmead - 22 Mar
Ash Year 4 met the artist - Polly Brant, who we’re going to be working with alongside the Ikon gallery to have our work displayed
@_Brownmead - 22 Mar
Year 4 Ash - thoroughly enjoyed the River Walk today and applied the vocabulary taught in school for their topic - fantastic Oracy skills and cross curricular experience with an added break with a difference - the park!
@_Brownmead - 22 Mar
The chicks have arrived in our reception class 🐥
@_Brownmead - 21 Mar
Let’s go Brownmead!
@_Brownmead - 18 Mar
Year 5 enjoyed designing and adapting their designs with their parents during the parent workshop, then collecting resources from around the school grounds to make nature sculptures based on famous artists like Andy Goldsworthy
@_Brownmead - 17 Mar
‘ASH’ smashed the RED NOSE DAY challenge - who can wear the most RED and I am now struggling to choose the winners
@_Brownmead - 16 Mar
Deep Dive into Attendance at the brilliant today. Using the Foundations framework and underpinning KPIs to focus on actions, to change the headlines 🙏❤️
@_Brownmead - 7 Mar
Year 4 Ash were pleased to be visited by the lovely Rolo the working dog, who cares for his owner. Rolo acts as his owner’s ears to alert him when there’s an emergency - what an inspiration!
@_Brownmead - 7 Mar
Year 4 Ash ‘smashed’ their Oracy skills by debating which was the best coloured crayon from ‘The Day the Crayons Quit!’ - of course it was YELLOW 👍
@_Brownmead - 7 Mar
A great turn out to our year 3 parent topic workshop. Thank you all for coming 🌎
@_Brownmead - 7 Mar
Super work Brownmead!
@_Brownmead - 2 Mar
For World Book day we had a whole school theme linked to the book ‘The Day the Crayons Quit.’ It was amazing to see so many amazing activities.
@_Brownmead - 2 Mar
Another successful parent reading workshop, thank you to all our KS1 parent who came this afternoon. 📚
@_Brownmead - 2 Mar
A huge turnout to our coffee morning today to kick off World Book Day, thank you to all our KS2 parents and children. We are looking forward to welcoming KS1 parents this afternoon 📚
@_Brownmead - 2 Mar
Maple Class from Brownmead are tuned in to your live lesson! We are all dressed up as colours from The Day the Crayons Quit. All very excited for the lesson this morning!
@_Brownmead - 2 Mar
We are World Book Day Ready starting with a coffee morning for KS2 parents to read with their child. 📚
@_Brownmead - 1 Mar
Yesterday year 6 started our new science topic ‘Light Theory.’ Today we investigated how light travels in a straight line using torches and lasers. 🔦 we’ve had a great afternoon!
@_Brownmead - 17 Feb
Here is your final clue as to what animal we will be drawing tomorrow in the first brand new episode of 2023. Any guesses? Find out the answer from 10am…