How to apply for a place 

Brownmead Primary Academy is an inclusive school which caters for children from Reception to Year 6. Pupils are admitted at age 4+ without discrimination. The school’s Governor Advocates support Brownmead Primary Academy with decisions and appeals around Admissions.

For Reception, Birmingham City Council will co-ordinate admissions, allocate places to the academy and inform families. 

Parents/carers should apply using Birmingham City Council’s schools’ admission process. 

Further information can be found here: 

Birmingham City Council School Admissions 

Timetable for the primary school admissions process 


Number of places available 

We have a net capacity of 420 children. (420 PAN.) 

If there are more applications than places at Brownmead Primary Academy, we will offer places in the following order of priority: 

  • Looked after children or children who were previously looked after (including previously looked after children from outside of England) 

  • Children with a brother or a sister already at the academy who will still be in attendance in September. 

  • Children who live nearest the school. 

Within each of these categories, priority is given to those who live nearest the academy, calculated on the basis of a straight-line measurement between home and academy.  

Mid-year admissions 

For children wishing to move to the academy during the academic year, or outside of the normal transfer phase these are known as ‘Mid-Year’ admissions.  Mid-year applications can now be made directly to our academy or Birmingham Local Authority.   

Our academy uses Birmingham application forms:   

Mid-year application form.

Once completed this must be returned directly to our academy.  We will then liaise directly with parents/carer and the local authority as required. Parents/carers will have the right to appeal a decision should their child be refused a place. 

Parents/carers should ensure that their child continues to attend their named school until they officially join Brownmead Primary Academy. 

Fair Access Protocol 

The Fair Access Protocol sits outside the arrangements for the coordination of school places and is triggered when a pupil hasn’t secured a school place under the in-year admissions procedures. 

All admission authorities must take part in the Fair Access Protocol to make sure that unplaced children are offered a school place quickly. 

There’s no duty for local authorities or admission authorities to meet parents’ preferences for schools when offering places under the Protocol. 

Further information can be found here: 

Fair Access Protocol 


Further information can be obtained regarding appeals from Birmingham City Council: 

Appeals Information 

Additional information can be obtained from the Department for Education. 

School Admissions Appeals Code 

Admissions Criteria Consultation: 

Every 7 years schools must consult their school community about their school admissions criteria.  

In line with the criteria, we must consult on our 2025/2026 admissions arrangements in accordance with the School Admissions Code (1 September 2021).  This must be done even if our admissions arrangements have remained unchanged for that duration. 

The last consultation period was  Monday 20th November 2023 – Monday 8th January 2024. 

Admissions Arrangements 2025-2026


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