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Religious Education

At Brownmead, we use Plan Bee planning and resources to aid the teaching of RE. Staff also use a variety of other appropriate resources in order to provide an engaging and stimulating teaching experience. Each year group plans 1 educational visit per academic year to further develop children’s understanding of their RE topic. Children have green RE books in which to evidence their learning. RE is a mandatory subject and is timetabled for 1 hour per week in KS1 and KS2. In EYFS RE is covered through ‘Understanding the World’ where children participate in a range of activities and play experiences linked to celebrations and traditions. EYFS also attend an educational RE visit. Staff are expected to stick the knowledge organiser into the pupil’s book at the start of the RE topic. For whole class activities, staff are asked to use the spiritual journeys to record the activity for the whole class.

The children participate in collective assemblies 4 days per week. One of the assemblies is ‘Brownmead Voices’, one is a celebration assembly on a Friday and the other 2 are linked to the school values/rights respecting. Once a week when there is not a whole school collective assembly the children have an in class assembly linked to RE/PSHE.

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