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Music at Brownmead is taught through a variety of programmes.

We use Charanga, BBC Ten Pieces and topic-based units to ensure a range of coverage and skills. Every member of staff will have their own log in for Charanga to be able to access the plans and resources and all of the BBC Ten Pieces resources are available be on Staff Common as well as the BBC website, all free to download.

When teaching any of the Charanga units, each lesson has ready made plans, resources and video accompaniments to support teachers. BBC Ten Pieces all have detailed lesson plans along with PowerPoint slides to accompany teaching. Topic based units are more child led; however, activities and ideas will be provided to support teaching.

A yearlong plan of the topics is below.


Evidence of the lessons and any other music taught in class, for example class assemblies, cross curricular lessons, or whole school events, can be through videos. Children will also have a music passport to evidence coverage of the curriculum. These have a list of the objectives for the children to cover over the year

For KS1, there will be a whole class passport where teacher will date when the objective was covered. For KS2, each child will have an individual passport where they will need to self asses that objective with a smiley face system and date when it was covered. This should be stuck in the back of the child's topic book.

There are a variety of instruments available for your use during lessons and these are kept underneath the stairs and must be returned at the end of the lesson. There is a class set of glockenspiels, a class set of boom whackers and a variety of additional untuned instruments.

Year 4 also have specialist teaching all year from Services for Education which takes place once a week on Friday morning and is currently guitar lessons.  Each child is provided with a guitar and case which they must bring to school each week and can take home for practice when it is not needed at school.