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EYFS pupils are exposed to Computing via the ‘Technology’ aspect of the ‘Understanding the World’ area of learning, in a continuous provision manner. The computing curriculum will be delivered this year at Brownmead through the Rising Stars ‘Switched on Computing’ scheme of work, which is located in the Staff Common folder. Specific computing objectives from years 1-6 are taught in specific blocks which will cover all objectives from the National Curriculum ensuring foundation skills building and progression using a spiral curriculum model. These are based on three basic ‘stands’ of computing: Designing, writing and debugging programs; using sequence, selection and repetition in programs and using logical reasoning to explain how simple algorithms work.

In addition to specific computing skills, IT and uses of technology will be taught, as appropriate, by staff as part of their foundation topics and in ‘curriculum weeks’ where they will have the flexibility in approach to allow for more diverse application and skills such as: Development of keyboard skills, use of IT software packages, independent use of word-processing, desktop publishing and presentation software. These is turn can be used to support other areas of the curriculum, both foundation and core subjects, especially in the delivery of oracy.

Computing lessons requiring the use of a computer are taught in the Computer Lab, located next to the Staff Room, where pupils will be able to work in pairs at a workstation. This will be timetabled for each class for the academic year 2021-2022 but other sessions will be available on a Microsoft teams booking basis. There are also a set of Ipads and a half-class set of laptops available to be booked out as necessary. Lessons can also be taught in the classroom or outside, when pupils are not required to use a computer.

The key areas of computational thinking, algorithm, sequence and repetition should be referred to across curriculum subjects to ensure deeper understanding of the processes of computing and how these are useful to wider curriculum skills. Evidence from weekly Computing lessons should be saved on the shared drive, Common (K:). Each year group has a folder containing a sub-folders for the academic year and sub-folders for relevant schemes of work. The laptop booking timetable is located on the front of the laptop storage trolley. It is the responsibility of the teaching member of staff to ensure that laptops are correctly shut down, returned safely and left on charge.