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Art and Design

Art is important

Art Vision

Art and Design Technology where possible are linked to class topics. Both subjects are taught using the scheme Plan Bee with adaptations if required. Each half term, there will be either a new Art or DT topic, which classes are required to complete. In addition, there will be work produced for Black History Month and an Art Exhibition as well as any other events or visits instructed by the Art Lead. This is to ensure that that there is enough coverage and links to other subjects incorporated throughout their journey at Brownmead.

Staff are encouraged to display work and pass work on to Art Lead for further recognition. Furthermore, staff are to encourage children to participate in the Art and D&T competitions to develop their skills further. Children will record work in a large sketchbook Portfolios (EYFS), in black sketchbooks (Years 1-5) and A3 sketchbooks (Year 6). All Art and DT resources are stored in the Art room upstairs near Year 6 classrooms. To order equipment and resources: this will need to be written on the blackboard on the back of the door. Staff can take equipment and resources for their lessons and return in the correct place.












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