The Arts

Creative Connections Arts Network at Brownmead

We have recently formed a new arts partnership with a group of 4 other local schools. Known as Creative Connections, we are collectively working together to raise the profile of arts within our schools. This year we are working in partnership with the Ikon Gallery; children in Reception and Year 1 have visited the gallery and took part in an art workshop. Also our staff will receive training in delivering the arts; some staff will become trained as Arts Award advisers. In addition, our Reception and Year 1 children have been working with an artist and have created art work which will be exhibited in the Ikon Gallery in June 2016, along with work from the other partner schools. Two of the children from our Year 1 class have been chosen to be Arts Ambassadors for the school and are excited to participate in the exhibition. This is a very exciting partnership which we hope will continue to blossom!

Creative Fun at Brownmead


Artist, Lorna Rose Visits

Our Year 1 children have taken part in an Art project led by a local artist, Lorna Rose, who worked with our children to produce a fantastic collage which is now situated in our school hall. The culmination of the project ended up with a fantastic exhibition, along with other schools at the IKON gallery in Birmingham. This was a fantastic event which was opened by our Year 1 Art Ambassadors, Anesu and Isabella along with ambassadors from the local schools. The exhibition was a great success which was open to the public for 4 days