School Snow Closure Procedures

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It is important that everyone has a clear understanding of what we will undertake as part of our procedures if we are faced with inclement weather.

Our first thought is to try and remain open. A number of factors will mean that this cannot be possible and any decision to close the school will be based on the safety of everyone.

If school is to close, either by a blanket Birmingham decision, a Multi-Academy Trust decision or a decision the school makes itself, you will be informed by TEXT. We will also inform local radio stations BBC WM and FREE RADIO. It will also be on our Twitter feed and on our website. We will aim to get the message out by 7.30am, at the latest. No other form of communication will be used.

If there is significant snowfall and we remain open, our priority will be to clear a pathway from the main pedestrian gate on Pencroft Road towards the main doors.

We will NOT OPEN the Glascote Grove gate, so families will need to consider this in the morning.
Once the children are in school, we will make an attempt to clear the snow from the path that leads to the gate at Glascote Grove, meaning that this can be opened at the end of the day.

The second gate on Pencroft Road will remain locked until we are able to clear any snow. I ask that families use the main entrance on these mornings, as this will be cleared before school.

Our plan is to keep parents informed throughout the day about which gates can be opened at the end of the day, so you can plan your journey and exit more effectively.

There have been occasions where we have had to close the school early because of the weather. In this instance, we will inform families by the TEXT messaging system and we will ensure that all children are safe until collected. If this happens, please use the main entrance only and please be patient with us while we get every child to the correct adult safely.

We have a significantly greater number of entrances and exits with the new build and it is important that we can keep everyone safe, whilst doing our best to remain open.

If we are open, I would ask that the children come to school in suitably warm clothing as we will make every effort for the children to go and play in the snow!

Only children who are prepared for this can enjoy the freedom play!

I hope you can appreciate the complexities around this issue and, as always, I would value your support.