Pastoral Support at Brownmead

Miss Broadhurst
Senior Learning Mentor

Miss Ricketts
Learning Mentor

Lunchtimes – Providing a peaceful and quiet atmosphere for the children to eat their lunch.

Lunchtime art activities.

A safe place for children to relax and enjoy time with their friends.

Social Skills – Social skills activities to encourage team building and friendships.

Developing friendship skills, encouraging the children to self-reflect and think about solutions to their problems.

Developing confidence and self-esteem.

Parent Workshops

As part of our drive to give our parents greater opportunities, 14 parents enrolled on to a Level 1 child care course with Eagles Consultancy. School provided a venue with refreshments every Wednesday for 2 hours. Some of the parents had not studied since they left school and found this a challenge. It was a big struggle at first to get the numbers for the course to go ahead but we eventually managed it. As time went by they bonded well as a group and supported each other throughout the course. As a result, we decided to continue the support for parents on our own and all of these parents enrolled onto a Level 2 Cache course ‘Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health’, with the skills network. Each week they come together and support each other through the course, sharing some personal examples and ideas. 

Over the course of time I have seen friendships develop amongst the ladies. During the early days they just sat by someone they knew, now they have a laugh with each other and some meet up for coffee. Their confidence has grown and most of all they are enjoying the course. They do not feel pressured and they enjoy being able to do their learning on line.